The Non-GMO Project's stated mission is "to preserve and build sources of non-GMO products, educate consumers, and provide verified non-GMO choices". It provides third-party verification and labeling for non-genetically modified food and products.

USDA certified organic foods or ingredients are grown and or processed according to federal guidelines, such as, soil quality, animal raising practices, pest and weed control, and use of additives. This label means that it’s free of artificial additives or preservatives and was produced without synthetic pesticides.

The Paleo Friendly requirements are for Grain-Free, Legume-Free, Artificial Coloring, Artificial Preservatives, Artificial Sweeteners and Artificial Flavor Enhancers-Free Products are outlined herein. The Paleo Friendly label was developed and trademarked by The Paleo Foundation Inc. to identify food products that meet the standards of the Paleo Diet.

The GFCO is an industry program of the Gluten Intolerance Group that helps that people with celiac disease and other gluten-related disorders can live healthy lives. The GFCO is dedicated to providing certification services to producers of gluten-free products using quality assessment and control measures throughout production, in order to provide assurance to consumers of the safety of their foods.