Easy Healthy Valentine’s Day Mini Trifles

This easy protein-packed Valentine's Day treat is a festive and sweet way to celebrate without all the extra sugar. Show some love by keeping it clean and healthy with these adorable protein, yogurt and granola mini trifles. 

With the quick and easy organic ingredients of strawberries, yogurt and granola it’s perfect for a filling Valentine’s Day snack or even a great Valentine’s Day breakfast.



Makes approx. 4 short glass trifles 



large container of your favorite greek yogurt

organic granola cereal 

organic strawberries

1 scoop Farm To Muscle whey unflavored protein powder

red food coloring (optional) 



1. Cut the strawberries into slices. Set aside.

2. Optional: Add red food coloring to the greek yogurt until you reach the desired shade of pink. Add a scoop of Farm To Muscle unflavored whey protein powder to the greek yogurt and mix well. 

3. Begin layering your Protein Valentine’s Day Mini Trifles. Start with a layer of yogurt. Add a layer of strawberries. 

4. Next, create a layer of granola on top of the strawberry layer. Repeat this layering process until your Valentine's Day Mini Trifle reaches the top of the glass. 

5. Add a couple whole strawberries to the top of the trifle. Decorate with a sprinkle of granola. 


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