9 Secret Fat-Blasting Exercises

Burn more calories in less time and max out your workout!

Forget wasting time at the gym – make the most of your workout by focusing on fat-blasting exercises that give you the most results in the least amount of time. Scorch the highest number of calories with intense activities that engage the full body with a combination of aerobic exercise and resistance training. Give your body the nourishing workout it craves, and then get back to doing the things that you love.

How Many Calories Does Exercise Burn?

Several different factors contribute to the number of calories that you burn when you work out:

• Your age
• Your sex
• Your weight
• Your overall physical fitness
• Your body fat percentage
• Your muscle composition
• Your genetic makeup
• Your unique metabolism
• Your workout’s environment
• Your workout’s intensity

While you can’t control some of these factors, you can definitely increase your overall calorie burn. Muscles burn more calories than fat, so every workout that you complete is a step towards a faster metabolism. And with increased muscle, you won’t just burn more calories while you exercise – you’ll also burn more calories around the clock, even while you’re sleeping! So if you want to blast calories away, be sure that strength training is part of your fitness routine.

The fat burning exercises below are calculated for the caloric expenditure a 40-year-old female who weighs 135 pounds. The number of calories you burn will most likely be different, but the ratio between exercises is the same for each person. For a more exact count, consult an online fitness calorie calculator.

9 Secret Fat-Blasting Exercises:

1. DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION: 385 calories burned per hour

Even video games can be a killer workout. Dancing games like Dance Dance Revolution and Just Dance are vigorous fat burning exercises. Up your calorie outtake by adding a few light ankle or wrist weights. Ballroom dancing is also a great workout if you stick to the faster steps, which torch 294 calories per hour.

2. TENNIS: 430 calories burned during an hour-long singles match

Grab some rackets for a game and you won’t just scorch calories, you’ll also improve your coordination and increase your bone density. Tennis is a fantastic total-body workout that comes with social benefits, too. Play doubles and you’ll burn about 75% of the calories as you would playing singles, but you’ll probably have more fun!

3. BEACH VOLLEYBALL: 430 calories burned at an hour-long match played in the sand

Hit the beach! Playing volleyball on a gym court melts about 200 calories per hour, but when you add the sand and sun – it more than doubles your efforts. That’s because workouts on the sand use your muscles in different combinations that you would wearing shoes on a hard floor. Bonus: A post-game dip in the ocean.

4. ROWING: 455 calories per hour with vigorous effort at 150 watts

Don’t avoid that rowing machine at the gym. Besides giving yourself an excellent back workout, you’ll activate nine major muscle groups and you’ll blast away the calories. Do interval-style rowing for best results; give it all you’ve got for 500-1,000 meters with a two-minute break in-between.

5. SPINNING: 455 calories burned at an hour-long indoor cycling class

One of the reasons that spin classes are so popular is because it’s a fast track to a leaner body. Spinning blasts off 400-600 calories per hour, and your workout is never weather-dependent. At-home bikes like Peloton and NordicTrack give you access to the same high-energy style workouts in the comfort of your home.

6. JUMPING ROPE: 470 calories burned per hour at a slow pace (less than 100 skips per minute)

The gym class favorite packs a punch and doesn’t require any fancy equipment. Bounce on both feet to keep your workout even-sided, and boost your speed to burn up to 658 calories per hour (over 120 skips per minute).

7. CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING: 480 calories burned per hour of moderate effort

Blast away fat with this popular Nordic pastime that includes the spirit-lifting bonus of being outside in nature. Even the slowest cross-country skiing and ski-walking burns 364 calories per hour. Add more speed and harder snow to the course, and cross-country skiing can blaze a whopping 830 calories per hour.

8. RUNNING: 525 calories burned per hour at a moderate pace (5 mph or 12 minutes per mile)

Wondering why devoted runners always look so lean? It’s because running is one of the best fat-blasting exercises around and it provides high-intensity results. In addition improving your cardiovascular health, running can alleviate stress, anxiety, and even depression. Can’t make the 12-minute mile? You’ll still burn 321 calories jogging 4 mph for an hour – that’s a very slow jog that is barely faster than walking.

9. KICKBOXING: 551 calories burned per hour at moderate intensity

Combining martial arts, boxing, and cardio, kickboxing is popping up at fitness studios everywhere. It’s a full-body workout that increases your core power, boosts your flexibility, and reduces stress. Kickboxing can also build confidence as you learn and conquer new self-defense moves.

Which Type of Exercise Is Right for Me?

No matter what the numbers above say, the best exercise for you is the one that you enjoy the most and that you will actually do. Whether you like to dance, kick punching bags, run forest trails, or meet friends at spin class – staying active is one of the healthiest lifestyle choices that you can make.